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About Us

Blood, Sweat & Smoke

Cigar Dagger™️ was established in 2019 by Los Angeles based artists, designers and cigar enthusiasts who had noticed the cigar accessories industry was missing something. A functional and beautifully designed cigar nubber. Cigar Dagger did such a great job at reinventing the cigar nubber that it has since become synonymous with the object it represents. Cigar Dagger was also the very first company to make cigar nubbers with heads, from cigar smoking skulls, to dragons, kings, lions and everything in between. The addition of heads imbued Cigar Dagger creations with identity and character, elevating the humble cigar nubber into objets d’art that reflect the personality of its owner and add a little more flavor to the cigar smoking experience.

The Process

Cigar Dagger creations are handcrafted in our workshops using the finest materials including .925 sterling silver, brass, semi-precious gemstones, crystal, wood, bone, and more. Many of our designs feature hand cast elements and all of them are made to exacting standards, beautifully made and made to last.

Cigar Dagger Aficionados

From a small and humble beginning Cigar Dagger has quickly become the world leader in cigar nubber design and manufacturing. We have sold thousands of products to satisfied customers in every corner of the globe and are the cigar accessories of choice for world renowned snooker player Stephen Hendry, WWE champion Peter Senerchia, better known by the ring name Taz and Dallas Cowboys NFL star Leonard Davis.

Cigar Accessories and More

In addition to our extensive line of cigar nubbers, The Cigar Dagger store also carries a stunning collection of cigar accessories including cigar cutters. ashtrays, EDC, challenge coins, patches, apparel and more. Due to popular request we have added Cigar Dagger brand hats and T-shirts, along with a new line of Cigar Dagger official ashtrays, stands and Cigar Dagger holders.