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Bio Hazard (short - brass)
Bio Hazard (short - brass)
Bio Hazard (short - brass)
Bio Hazard (short - brass)
Bio Hazard (short - brass)

Bio Hazard (short - brass)

Cigar Dagger
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The Bio Hazard Cigar Dagger nubber in brass embodies all the coolness of Cigar Dagger culture and packages it in a neat little design with more than a passing nod at one of the most poignant symbols of our time. The gas mask. We’re all fascinated by the horror of this singular item, combined here with a brass-toned skull for maximum disturbing effect. We’ve already grown very fond of the little guy even though he is the newest addition to our store with his industrial brass-toned skull and elements. Put some smoke in the air with bio Hazard. Perfect for post apocalyptic fans, horror fans, Fallout fans, and those of you who already have a matching tattoo.

If you love this design, check out the silver version in our collection.

Stainless Steel Pick | Short size of 3.25 inches

The Bio Hazard Cigar Dagger nubber comes with a protective end and velvet pouch, no gift box.

*All of our Cigar Dagger Nubbers have a sharp pointed end; please keep out of reach of children.