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cigar nubber sharp end protector
cigar nubber gift box with cigar dagger logo


Cigar Dagger
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From the mystical shores of Avalon we bring you a cigar nubber of kingly proportions. Appropriately named Excalibur, arguably the most famous sword of all time. Our Excalibur Cigar Dagger nubber features a decorative sword hilt and pick in high quality stainless steel with an antique silver plated filigree teardrop immersed into decorative silver accents.

Stainless Steel Pick | Standard size of 4.25 inches

The Excalibur Cigar Dagger nubber comes with a protective end, velvet pouch and gift box.

*All of our Cigar Daggers have a sharp pointed end; please keep out of reach of children.