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King Midas
King Midas
King Midas
cigar nubber sharp end protector
King Midas

King Midas

Cigar Dagger
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Get the Midas touch with The King Midas Cigar Dagger nubber. This precious-looking cigar nubber is named after the mythological king who loved treasures so much he wished for everything he touched to turn to gold. This striking cigar nubber features gold-toned details on alloy  combined with glittering black accents. The perfect companion for a golden hour smoke on the patio. Want this in silver-tone instead? See our Moonlight Cigar Dagger.

*note - King Midas is made to look antique gold, some shades might be presented darker or lighter tone.

Stainless Steel Pick | Standard size of 4.25 inches

The King Midas Cigar Dagger nubber comes with a protective end, velvet pouch and gift box.

*All of our Cigar Dagger Nubbers have a sharp pointed end; please keep out of reach of children.