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steampunk cigar pick in copper and brass tones with detailed jewelry elements
steampunk cigar pick in copper and brass


Cigar Dagger
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The SteamPunk Cigar Dagger nubber features all the characteristics of the SteamPunk movement. Standard copper and gold accents bring to life the Industrial Revolution in Europe during the 1800s.

If you love this design, check out our Blackout version in our collection. 

Stainless Steel Pick | Standard size of 4.25 inches

The SteamPunk Cigar Dagger nubber comes with a protective end, velvet pouch and gift box.

*Please be advised, depending on availability, the colors of this Steampunk cigar nubber are interchangeable. Some have the brass middle with copper trim and some have the copper middle with brass trim. 

*All of our Cigar Dagger Nubbers have a sharp pointed end; please keep out of reach of children.