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Cigar Dagger
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A long established motif of the French dynasty is the Fleur de Lis symbol which sits at the top of the Trinity Cigar Dagger nubber in all its regal glory. Trinity refers to the belief that the three-pronged symbol means perfection, light and life. Others believe it refers to the Holy Trinity. Whatever you believe you can’t deny the striking nobility of this commanding cigar pick.

A central aqua blue faceted gem glitters from all angles, reflecting all the silver-toned accents around it. Definitely one for the discerning aficionado, light up your next cigar night with the help of this seriously stunning nubber.

Stainless Steel Pick | Standard size of 4.25 inches

The Trinity cigar tool comes with a protective end, velvet pouch and gift box.

*All of our Cigar Dagger Nubbers have a sharp pointed end; please keep out of reach of children.